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About Nathan 

Current Work

Nathan Bossoh is currently Research Curator of the African Collections at the Science Museum London where he is exploring the history of British colonial collecting practices and African agency through an investigation of over 5000 African objects and items brought into Britain during the 19th and 20th centuries by the pharmaceutical entrepreneur sir Henry Wellcome and his agents.

Nathan's Research 

Nathan earned his PhD in History and Philosophy of Science from UCL in 2022 and the core of his research cuts across the intersecting themes of empire, race, and religion as entangled operations in the production and transmission of science, medicine, and technology. His main period of interest is roughly between 1750 to 1950, and regionally it focuses on Britain and West Africa, but he also has further connected interests in the history of modern Japan. Nathan utilises postcolonial, decolonial, and material cultural approaches, and as a historian engaged in interdisciplinary research he actively draws on perspectives gathered from a range of fields including science and religion; science and technology studies; African studies; diaspora studies; and sociology.

About Me: Bio
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