About Me 

A Short Bio
Not unlike many other academics, my background lies in the arts as opposed to the humanities. As a British-born Ghanaian, I was raised in a musically infused Pentecostal environment in which my mum, dad and brother were all heavily involved in Church music. I myself started playing bass when I was around fourteen years old and later went to study music performance at university completing my undergraduate degree in 2014 and continuing to work as a professional musician full time for a number of years. Yet personal intellectual concerns eventually led me to search for and find some answers in the academic arena and in 2018 I completed an MSc in Philosophy, Science and Religion. During my MSc degree, I realised that it was in the area of history where my passion lay, thus from early 2019 I took up a position as a PhD candidate in history with a focus on science and religion in modern Britain and its empire.

Current Doctoral Research

My current doctoral research investigates the cultural history of modern science, technology and innovation within Britain and its empire through the lens of the eighth Duke of Argyll, a relatively unknown Victorian aristocratic polymath, who was nevertheless involved in a myriad of fields ranging from geology, geography, ornithology and aeronautics to educational reform, evolution, anthropology, race, and philosophical-theology. Through my thesis I argue that the Victorian aristocratic class was instrumental in laying the foundations of global scientific and technological innovation within Britain and its empire. Not only were these aristocrats knowledge makers in their own right, but they also acted as key facilitators, or brokers, of knowledge through their networks dedicated to scientific and industrial advance. My research holds substantial relevance to today because it uses a micro-historical approach to consider the parallels between the Victorian aristocratic class and the entrepreneurial meritocrats (Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and so on) who, nowadays, occupy a significant place in global scientific and technological innovation. Through my thesis I aim to illustrate the ways in which religious, racial and imperial frameworks have shifted over time, yet continue to remain entangled in numerous globalizing entrepreneurial pursuits ranging from the Metaverse "utopia", to transhumanist visions of body and consciousness, to the impending SpaceX mission to Mars.