As a Musician


As a bass player

I have a background as a professional musician. My main instrument is bass guitar which I have been playing for 14 years. My main styles of music tend to revolve around gospel, jazz, pop, African and Neo-soul. Over the last 14 years I have had the opportunity to perform and tour all across Britain, as well as perform and tour across the world in places such as Dubai, Jamaica, America, Germany Morocco, and so on.



Some of the artists and groups I have played with, supported, or currently play for include:

- The Outlanders 

- Yolanda Brown

- Julian Marley 
- Billy Ocean

- Beverly Knight 

- Mo Pleasure 

- Zola Marcelle
- Flying Phoenix 
- London Garage Orchestra 

- The House and Garage Orchestra 


Performing Fine Line - with Yolanda Brown 


Performing with London Remixed Orchestra (now London Garage Orchestra) in 2019


A reflective piece of music that I composed for Zola Marcelle's EP 'Done Undone Redo' 


Performing a cover of Rather Be - with Taste the Fusion