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October - 2022
Review of Renny Thomas' Science and Religion in India: Beyond Disenchantment (2022) - reviewed in Journal of Belief and Values 


Winner of Christians in Science Student Essay Competition

I was the winner of the 2018 CiS student Essay competition, where the prize was £500 plus my essay published. The topic was, Which historical aspect of the relationship [between science and religion] do you think as been the most significant?:

Published Work: Experience

Published Articles & Papers

November - 2021

Review of Peter Harrison & Jon Roberts' Science Without God? Rethinking the History of Scientific Naturalism (2019)

I reviewed the book Science Without God (2019) for the Science and Christian Belief Journal - Volume 33 (Issue 2)


Article Publication: Scientific Uniformity or "Natural" Divine Action: Shifting The Boundaries of Law in the Nineteenth Century

This article is part of a special issue for the Zygon journal featuring six other scholars. In this special issue we aim to address a gap in the scholarly literature, namely the rise of German criticism and its relation to the sciences. My own article focuses on a group that I call the 'Neo-Newtonians' who responded to the problem of miracles amidst the rise of German Biblical criticism.


Article Publication: ' A Victorian hope for aerial navigation: Argyll as a theorist of flight and the first president of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain.

This paper is on the establishment of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain (1866), with a focus on the first president, the 8th Duke of Argyll, and his ornithological work to uncover the connection between bird flight and aerial navigation.

April 2020

Review of Matthew Stanley's Huxley's Church and Maxwell's Demon: From Theistic Science to Naturalistic Science (2015)

I reviewed this book for the April issue of the Science and Christian Belief Journal - Volume 32 (Issue 1)

March 2020

INSBS article - Uniformity, biblical criticism, and supernatural activity in the 19th century

I wrote this short piece on the history of miracles for the International Network studying Science and Belief in Society.

November 2019

Review of B. Billingsley and M. Nassaji, Exploring Secondary School Students' Stances on the Predictive and Explanatory Power of Science. (Science & Education)

This is a review that I wrote on research in secondary school science and religious education undertaken by Professor B. Billingsley and M. Nassaji in 2019:

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