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Conferences & Presentations

26th April

The 19th Century Now: Reassessing the Continued Role and Relevance of the Long 19th century

Keynote lecture entitled Re-examining science, religion, and race through African collections: British museums and colonial erasure in the long nineteenth century

17th Jan 2023

UCL Guest Lecture,
Natural Sciences

I gave a guest lecture to a class of UCL Natural Sciences Undergraduate students relating to my Science Museum African collections research and on the topic of black narratives in the history of science

July 13th

British Society for the History of Science (BiPoC Network)

I co-hosted the first-ever BSHS BiPoC/BAME history of science panel alongside John Shorter (UWI) where our theme was 'Science, Racism & Colourism: A Global Historical Analysis'. The panel featured a mix of six academics ranging from PhD to ECR to seasoned scholars, mainly from an ethnic minority background. This panel was made possible thanks to the BiPoC Network of the BSHS.

7th July 2021

Christian "universalism" and the non-Western "Other": Science, Religion and Racial Boundaries

STEMM and Belief in Diverse Contexts: Publics, Praxis, Policy and Pluralism (INSBS)

19th Feb 2021

Friends of the Argyll Papers Seminar Series 2020-2021

Title of Paper: 'Victorian ornithology and the domestic laboratory: Argyll's hope for aerial navigation'

23rd June 2020

Epistemic Insight and Big Questions Conference

I gave a presentation entitled 'Why does it persist? A historical and cognitive perspective on science-religion narratives' at the 2020 Epistemic Insight and Big Questions Conference

June 2019

Tyndale House Fellowship Conference

Title of paper presented: 'From Natural Theology to Methodological Naturalism and the Role of the Media in Our Understanding of Scientific Practice'

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